Almost time for mass adoption

The end of this month marks the 10 year celebration of a magnificent invention that I know will play a major role in our future society. On October 31st 2008 the still unknown pseudonymous entity Satoshi Nakamoto sent an email to unveil the first permissionless, censorship resistant and amazing cryptocurrency which he/she/they named Bitcoin. During… Read More »

Annoying things with Facebook comment system

Today Facebook (hereby abbreviated as just FB) announced their “Reactions” system so people can express more emotions on a FB post then the simplistic “Like”. As always when FB makes changes that people can see and needs to get used to there will be global headlines and everyone will say it’s either the best thing… Read More »

Do use libspotify later this year!

This is a follow up to my Do not use libspotify! post. Directly after I published my libspotify experience on this blog I tweeted to SpotifyPlatform @SpotifyPlatform After doing some development using libspotify I would like to share my experience with you #spotify — Jonas Lundqvist (@jonaslundqvist) May 6, 2015 Honestly didn’t expect any… Read More »

Do not use libspotify!

For quite some time I have felt the urge to do something with libspotify. In my living room I am using the kodi plugin Spotlight to play Spotify music on my stereo from my Raspberry Pi. I wrote a small patch to enable the scrobbling functionality that libspotify has integrated since I, for some… Read More »