Do use libspotify later this year!

By | 2015-05-07

This is a follow up to my Do not use libspotify! post.

Directly after I published my libspotify experience on this blog I tweeted to SpotifyPlatform

Honestly didn’t expect any response at all but it turns out that the people at Spotify must have read my entire rant. It didn’t take many hours until I received an email notification from Disqus that someone had replied to one of my comments. It was my deleted comment where I called their actions (or lack thereof) for immature that Michael Thelin had published and posted a reply to:

I just read your blog post and I understand your frustration. The reason I chose not to publish your comment was partly because I didn’t find that it added value to the discussion, and partly because it hasn’t been possible to be completely transparent regarding our tooling roadmap. We’re going to add more information about where we’re headed shortly.

Michael Thelin, 2015-05-06

Although it doesn’t answer my question directly it is still nice to get some sign of life and understanding.

Today I also got another notification from Disqus regarding my comment that has been pending in the moderation queue for over a week where I suggested that they should alert about the visitors of the libspotify page that the library is unmaintained. First I got this response:

Hi Jonas,

Thank you for your report. Information has been passed on to the relevant team.

rebeckaliljeros, 2015-05-07

And directly after I got this response:

Thanks for the feedback Jonas. We’ve updated the warning above to better reflect the current status.

Andy Smith, 2015-05-07

So what does the new warning say?

Important! LibSpotify and CocoaLibSpotify are no longer under active development on any platform and are considered deprecated. If you are building applications for iOS or Android, please use the iOS SDK or Android SDK, and we will be providing a new library for other platforms later this year.

Until then, you can still download these libraries and provision new keys for your project. However, please be aware that we cannot offer active support or guarantee future functionality on LibSpotify or CocoaLibSpotify.

This is much better! I consider this to be the official statement that I would have want to see before starting to use the dysfunctional library. Regarding the new library I really look forward to play around with it and hopefully I will be able to complete a functional plugin for VLC. Only time will tell.

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